Smallest, Most Reliable Switching Media Converter


The MiniMc and MiniMc SFP switching fiber converters are the smallest, most reliable and most cost-effective switching 10/100 Mbps media converters in the industry.

  • One 100 Mbps FDX fiber port or 1 SFP fiber port
  • One 10/100 Base-TX twisted pair port
  • AutoCross automatic selection between crossover or straight-through connection
  • Status LEDs
  • 18 connections in the 1.5U high IE-PowerTray/18 Chassis

Auto Negotiation
Auto Cross

SKU: 855-10619, 855-10620, 855-10621, 855-10622, 855-10623, 855-10624, 855-10625, 855-10626, 855-10627, 855-10641, 855-10650, 855-10651, 855-10652, 855-10653, 855-10654, 855-10655, 855-10656, 855-10657 Category: Tag:

Product Description

Media conversion is the most cost-effective solution for extending the productive life of legacy wiring plants and equipment while allowing implementation of new technologies. Media conversion’s greatest benefits are flexibility and cost savings.

Measuring less than 3.5 inches deep and 2 inches wide, the MiniMc is the industry’s smallest media converter with both data connections on the same side of the unit, and at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Plug-and-play operation with a variety of model types and powering options make the MiniMc series easy and convenient to use.

MiniMc SFP*

Model Fiber Fiber Ports Range Ethernet Ports Ethernet
855-10619 SFP 1 Various 1 RJ45


Model Fiber Fiber Ports Range Ethernet Ports Ethernet
855-10620 MM850-ST 1 km 1 RJ45
855-10621 MM850-SC 1 2 km 1 RJ45
855-10622 MM1300-ST 1 5 km 1 RJ45
855-10623 MM1300-SC 1 5 km 1 RJ45
855-10624 SM1310/PLUS-ST 1 40 km 1 RJ45
855-10625 SM1310/PLUS-SC 1 40 km 1 RJ45
855-10626 SM1310/LONG-ST 1 80 km 1 RJ45
855-10627 SM1310/LONG-SC 1 80 km 1 RJ45
855-10641 SM1550/LONG-SC 1 80 km 1 RJ45


Model Fiber Fiber Ports Range Ethernet Ports Ethernet
855-10650 SSFX-MM1300-SC 1 2 km 1 RJ45
855-10651 SSFX-MM1550-SC 1 2 km 1 RJ45
855-10652 SSFX-SM1310-SC 1 20 km 1 RJ45
855-10653 SSFX-SM1550-SC 1 20 km 1 RJ45
855-10654 SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 1 40 km 1 RJ45
855-10655 SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC 1 40 km 1 RJ45
855-10656 SSFX-SM1310/LONG-SC 1 60 km 1 RJ45
855-10657 SSFX-SM1550/LONG-SC 1 60 km 1 RJ45

* SFP Fiber sold separately

* These products have single-strand fiber technology. Deploy in pairs or connect another compatible B&B IMC LLC single-strand fiber product.

Model No.  
806-39720 AC Power Adapter and Country-Specific Clips
806-39628 USB 36″ Power Cable (for MiniMc Series only)
895-39229 Wall Mount Bracket for IE-MultiWay, PoE/PoE+ GigaMiniMc, MiniMc Series
806-39105 DIN-Rail Clip (Compatible with 1-Slot IE-/MediaChassis, IE-GigaMiniMc, IE-ModeConverter, IE-MiniMc & MiniMc series products)
850-13086 IE-PowerTray/18-AC (-20°C to +70°C) – 18-slot AC powered chassis
806-39650 12″ Barrel-Connector Power Cable
806-39629 USB 12″ Power Cable (for MiniMc Series only)
806-39638 Double-USB Power Cable, 36”

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