Protocol-Independent, SNMP-Manageable Fiber Mode Conversion Modules


The industry’s first protocol-independent fiber mode conversion modules convert between dissimilar fiber modes and wavelengths.

  • Includes protocol-independent operation
  • Converts single-mode to single-mode fiber
  • Supports 10 Mbps Ethernet to 155 Mbps or 1.25 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet

Auto Negotiation
Auto Cross

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Product Description

In today’s dynamic networks, changing requirements are a fact of life. The multi-mode fiber products and cabling which were the most cost effective and sound choice for your network yesterday may no longer give you the flexibility you require when adding remote offices today. Extend a single mode conversion to another single mode fiber segment,
using an S2SM.

As an economical alternative to using a switch with single-mode fiber ports, simply install an fiber mode converter into your multi-mode fiber network. This enables you to easily connect to single-mode cabling and achieve distances up to 80 km. Our fiber mode converters also give you the flexibility to add single-mode fiber links only where needed. The iMcV-S2SM fiber mode conversion modules includes:

  • Converts Single-Mode to Single-Mode fiber
  • Supports 10 Mbps Ethernet to 155 Mbps or 1.25 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet

Hot-swappable fiber mode conversion modules significantly reduce operation costs by allowing other modules within the same chassis to remain up and running during product upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting.

iMcV-S2SM (Single-mode to Single-mode)

  Port 1 Port 2
Model Type Distance Type Distance
850-14519 SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
850-14505 SM1310/LONG-SC 40 km SM1310/LONG-SC 40 km
850-14513 SM1550/LONG-SC 80 km SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
850-14514-LC SM1550/LONG-SC 80 km SM1310/LONG-LC 40 km

Single Strand Fiber

  Port 1 Port 2
Model Type Distance Type Distance
850-14515 SSFX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) 20 km SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
850-14516 SSFX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) 20 km SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
850-14517 SSFX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) 40 km SM1310/LONG-SC 40 km
850-14518 SSFX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) 40 km SM1310/LONG-SC 40 km

iMcV-S2SM/1250 (Single-mode to Single mode)

  Port 1 Port 2
Model Type Distance Type Distance
859-14803 LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
859-14804 LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km LX-SM1550/LONG-SC 80 km

Single-Strand Fiber

  Port 1 Port 2
Model Type Distance Type Distance
859-14820 SSLX-SM1310-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) 15 km LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
859-14821 SSLX-SM1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) 15 km LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
859-14822 SSLX-SM1310/PLUS-SC (1310xmt/1550rcv) 40 km LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km
859-14823 SSLX-SM1550/PLUS-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv) 40 km LX-SM1310/PLUS-SC 40 km


  • Includes protocol-independent operation
  • Converts between dissimilar fiber modes and wavelengths: Single-Mode to Single-Mode
  • Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and ATM
  • OC-12, Gigabit Ethernet and FibreChannel
  • 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm multi-mode fiber
  • 9/125µm single-mode fiber
  • Available for single-strand fiber
  • Connectors: ST, SC or MT-RJ
  • Installs in any iMediaChassis or MediaChassis
  • Supports GUI-Based iView²
  • Includes diagnostic LEDs
  • Includes hot-swappable architecture


  • Dimensions 4.19”H x 0.78”W x 2.75”D (10.74 x 2 x 7.05 cm)
  • Shipping Weight 0.30 lbs (.11 kg)/li>


  • Operating Temperature: +32° to +122° F (0° to +50° C)
  • Storage Temperature: -13° to +158° F (-25° to +70° C)
  • Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing), 0 – 10,000 ft. altitude/li>

Regulatory Approvals

  • FCC Class A
  • UL/cUL, CSA, CE

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